Monday, October 4, 2010

Salman turns Santa

Salman Khan's bonding with his 'Dabangg' co-star Sonu Sood just gets stronger and stronger. And now Sonu's got an official seal of approval. We hear that Salman has presented Sonu with a Being Human watch. It's of course a special branded watch from Salman's charitable foundation, and only close friends of the star have been presented by it.

And this isn't the first time that Salman has made a gesture that puts Sonu firmly in the close circle. Earlier, while shooting for 'Dabangg', Salman tried to get Sonu to turn non-vegetarian (for health reasons, cause Sallu thinks non-veg food is healthier!). He'd even put pieces of meat in Sonu's plate while they were shooting together.

Sonu was touched by Salman's gift, and actually took off his own watch to give Salman something in return. But Sallu bhai returned the watch back to Sonu, saying there'd be other chances in the future for gift-giving. How sweet! Now if only Salman were so considerate with his other earlier co-stars too, particularly a certain someone who shares his initials!


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