Monday, September 20, 2010

"My dad was the strongest"

Shah Rukh Khan misses his dad, Taj Mohammed Khan, a lot even 30 years after his death. And on September 19, his dad's death anniversary, the star got expressing those feelings.

SRK posted on his Twitter page, "Thirty years ago this day my dad died. Never said wot I should be. I want to be a gentle & funny father more than any other title. Miss him lots."

"On days when issues surround me that need strength...I wish he was here to beat up all. My dad was the strongest...& the handsomest. I don't remember my dad's skin...his touch or his voice anymore. Only his eyes...& his smile...full of promise that he will always be there," the 44-year-old added.

Shah Rukh's father had died of cancer.

SRK also urged his fans to hug their fathers at least once a week.

"One last thing before I miss my dad even more. All of you go & give a hug to your dads once a week, without reason...fathers like that. I know."


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