Friday, September 3, 2010

Katrina: Imran, who?

Well, we thought they would have a filmi connect at least. But recently during an interview, Katrina Kaif left us a wee bit baffled. zoOm quizzed her on a comment that hottie Imran Khan had made about she being a lucky charm.

Batting her eyelids with surprise, she asked, "Who Imran?" Oops. Too many Imrans in Bollywood, eh? So we quickly added the 'Khan' to the name. Thankfully, that cleared the confusion for the lovely Katz. "Oh, Imran! How can I be his lucky charm?

I have never worked with him. We will be doing a film together for Yashraj that we will start shooting soon. We have been offered a few films together, but this one was the best." Even Sallu has lovely things to say about this young Khan. So, you don't have to love him, but you can't ignore him, dearie?


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