Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deepika's losing her RK tattoo

Deepika Padukone has a new man in her life, and she's finally decided to lose the prominent reminder of her ex she was carrying around. Looks like being in a happy place with Siddharth Mallya has led to Deepi's decision to finally do away with her RK tattoo. She will be undergoing laser surgery to get rid of the tattoo on the nape of her neck, which she got when she was in a relationship with Ranbir.

The tattoo of course would show up everytime Deepika tied up her hair and wore something with a low back. And since her relationship with Ranbir ended, the tat has probably just been a painful reminder of the past for Deepika. Now that she's decided to permanently lose it, it's a sure sign she's moved on.


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