Thursday, August 26, 2010

Akki gets mad

Akshay Kumar is one of B'wood's cool customers, never really losing his temper or getting snappy. But there's only so much even a patient man will take. And it seems that Akki was pushed to the limit recently.

What happened was that Akshay and wife Twinkle were leaving a hotel in Mumbai after dinner, and just as they were getting into their car, a man started taking their pictures with his mobile. This, of course, without asking for permission to start clicking. Akshay asked the man to stop as Twinkle wasn't happy about this, but there was no reasoning with the snapper, who kept clicking. And that's when Akki lost it.

One story doing the rounds is that Akshay took the man's phone and smashed it. Akki's inner circle denies this, saying that he just verbally made it clear that he doesnt like his pictures being taken without his permission.

Whatever the case may be, we're sure to keep this in mind before going photog on Akshay! No one wants him unleashing khiladi action their way!


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