Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hrithik tackles 'Paani' rumours

Hrithik Roshan has shot down reports that he has asked director Shekhar Kapur to make changes in the script of 'Paani'.

"Another unwanted rumour regarding 'Paani'. Actors like myself, aspiring to work with greats like Shekhar Kapur, do not demand script changes," Hrithik posted on his Twitter page.

"It would be my good fortune and a blessing if I get an opportunity to work with him, a genius director and an even greater human being! Pls respected people of the press, set the record straight," he added.

'Paani' is internationally acclaimed director Shekhar's ambitious global project. Set in the future, it shows how water becomes a precious commodity and creates a rift between communities. The film will hit theatres in 2011.


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