Saturday, October 2, 2010

Farah Khan babies debut

Czar, Diva and Anya will appear during the end credits of Tees Maar Khan

No filmi aspirations, darlings? Farah Khan with Diva, Anya and Czar

Farah Khan's triplets Czar, Anya and Diva will debut with their mom during the end credits of Tees Maar Khan.

The director is sticking to her 'tradition' of having the film's cast and crew appear during the end credits like she did for Main Hoon Naa and Om Shanti Om.

A source reveals, "Farah even had a makeshift nursery built on the sets during the Malshej Ghat schedule so she could spend more time with her babies. As such, they are familiar with everyone from Akshay and Katrina to the spotboys."

Getting the kids to appear in the credits was a special moment for Farah. "On the day of the shoot, the triplets were quite excited but at the same time wanted to get off camera. While Anya and Diva are seen wearing cute dresses, Czar will be seen in a baby tux."

Farah confirms, "Yes, my babies will be seen in the film. They wore formals and refused to do anything. Diva got bored and walked out followed by Czar. Anya looked around, shrugged and went out as well."


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