Monday, September 20, 2010

What does Preity lie about?

Preity Zinta got philosophical and confessional on Twitter today (September 20) when she got talking to her followers about lying.

Preity posed on her Twitter page, "So my question today is how much do we lie to people to be popular? Or for that reason to ourselves? What do we lie about?"

And then Preity revealed, "When do I lie? White lies! Definitely :-) stuck in traffic, just about 2 call u etc. Beyond that i wud avoid d question so I don't have 2 lie!"

She added, "No one is perfect and we are all so judgemental that we all lie at some point or the other! I don't lie to myself though & never to Ma! :-) MA is my only parent left ! She is my mirror ! I tell her EVERYTHING cuz I know she will never judge me and I can get things off my chest!"

Knowing how Preity's always been open about her life, we believe she's sharing the whole truth here!


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