Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Urmila in a celebratory mood

Urmila Matondkar was spotted in a colourful mood while exiting Shabana Azmi's party

Urmila Matondkar made an appearance at Shabana Azmi's 60th birthday bash at a hotel in Juhu where the actress was spotted leaving the venue post 1.30 am in a celebratory mood.

Action replay, anyone? Vipul Shah helped Urmila Matondkar out and into the lift at the exit several times.

Maybe it was at the prospect of meeting her Masoom co-star (Urmila was a child star in the film) or Urmi was generally in a happy mood but the actress appeared to be in great spirits while leaving the party!

She first emerged out of the lift at the exit with filmmaker Vipul Shah giving her a helping hand. The Rangeela star then decided to go back into the elevator with the Action Replayy producer following suit. After going up and down in the lift several times, the star then decided to step out.

She waved to onlookers as she stood solo at the exit and then latched on to another guy who led her to her car.

Still holding on... To whosover wants to help me out!


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