Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sushmita says she will get married

Don't ask Sushmita Sen what kind of man she wants in her life! The star says she is tired of the question, but adds that she will get married for sure.

"Well, I will get married. It was just that I didn't feel like getting married at 23-24 which is considered to be the marriageable age," Sushmita, who's 34.

"And I am tired of answering what kind of a man I want in my life. I will show you the full sample whenever it happens," she added.

In the past, Sush has dated actor Randeep Hooda, ad man Manav Menon and also been linked with Bunty Sachdev and very recently with former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram, with whom she has supposedly broken off.

Professionally, Sushmita's back in the zone that made her famous in the first place. Her production company Tantra Entertainment was awarded the India franchise by the Miss Universe Organisation this year. But Ushoshi Sengupta who was selected by Tantra did not win the title for India.

Sushmita says she wasn't disappointed at all by the result. "We gave it our best shot and there was a lot of learning for us as well. I also went to the pageant after 16 years (Sushmita won the title in 1994) and a lot has changed in terms of format.

"So I had a look and understood the new things. This will help us in bringing the title back in the near future. Now, I feel like it is a challenge for me," she said.

Recently 'Slumdog Millionaire' actress Freida Pinto said Sushmita inspired her to act in the movies.

Commenting on that, Sush said: "When I saw my baba (father) in tears when Rakesh Sharma went up in space and told Indira Gandhi 'Saare Jahan Se Aacha Hindustan Hamaara', I asked him for whom he was crying. He replied - he (Rakesh) is famous."

"At that time all I knew was that I had to be famous. It was my only ambition in life and I wanted people, who didn't even know me, to cry for me. So when people say such things about me, I feel life has come a full circle for me."


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