Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SRK’s on a mission (

Shah Rukh Khan is trying to make up for the lost weight and muscles thanks to prosthetics for his film Ra.1.

With intense gossip that SRK might have lost his fab six-pack with him losing at least five-eight kilos due to the superhero body suit that he is donning for the movie. SRK is now under some gruelling training to beef up for Farhan Akhtar's Don 2. What's more interesting? Gossip is that SRK might show his six-pack in the film too or even better it for Farhan.

Only time will tell if SRK does a shirtless wonder again after Om Shanti Om. A highly-placed source close to the star discloses, "Prosthetics is something that looks fabulous on screen, but it is really tiring for the actors, who have to wear it. SRK's weight loss is evident and people have also asked him about it even at press conferences or events. First he can't eat or drink with the bodysuit on and then it is so warm inside the bodysuit that SRK is losing a lot of weight due to perspiration.

Now that he is at home, he has returned to his regular diet chart as well as training. He is pushing himself really hard to get his weight back so that he can tone his body and his abs." Shah Rukh says, "You can see that I have lost weight, but I have begun full-fledged training and eating a lot... and on time now. I should be able to get back my weight and my muscles soon enough."


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