Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spotted: Aishwarya Rai and Celina Jaitly

Aishwarya Rai carried a Gucci Cruise 2011 (main collection) Broadway light platinum silk evening clutch with embroidery to the Longines Dolce Vita Gala in Rome

Celina Jaitly at the launch of a jewellery collection.


Anonymous 12:57 PM  

AISH has been stunning since the day she was little....no one can even match her features....Katrina looks like a MAN..and at this age she needs botox in her face specially lips...can you imagine what she would be doing at the age of 37...lol...
Penelope is more stunning than Katrina (MISS BOTOX at this age), Kareena (jaw and cheeks surgery...thinks she is Aish...but she is an ugly Paris Hilton lookalike and Paris is not a beautiful girl)...Priyanka(is there anything she hasnt touched on her face...check out her initial films...to see how her nose, lips were, she is lucky she can act..) PRIYANKA CHOPRA HAS HORRIBLE FEATURES HAVE YOU SEEN HER MUM..SHE LOOKS LIKE MUHAMMAD ALI AFTER A BOXING MATCH..LOL)
SONAM you made the biggest mistake by calling AISH aunty....at least she is 37...you are in your 20s and half the time you look like her aunt....LOL...you have saggy skin on your face....and dont talk about age ever you look like an old hag..lol...SONAM must say sugery face PRIYANKA, big jawed Kareena, Botoxed Katrina, look far better than you and they arent natural....lol

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