Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Salman's back on Twitter

After his comments on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks caused an uproar, Salman Khan wrote that he might be going off Twitter. But the man's changed his mind now, and he's back with a bang on the site.

Salman posted on his Twitter page today, "Kamaal karte ho yaar! Thank u fr wanting me to cm bak n sorry to leave but do understand that I tweet any thing n me frnds n family panic."

Salman had tweeted earlier, after the controversy, "Looks like I mite hv to get off twitter. Don't want to but wat to do? I think I messed up,so sorry guys,$sorry bolne mein koi sharam nahi."

And after his return to Twitter, Salman was back to his usual fun and at times completely random musings. He actually posted pictures of fingers and wondered if any astrologer could read 'this man's' hand!

And later he posted a sketch (we guess one he's drawn himself) and wrote, "Sonakshi ji yeh Chullll Bulllll Pandey bana rahi hai."

This was followed by a national integration from the star - "Hindu Muslim Sikh Isahi sab hai bhai bhai. Na ladna na jhagadna bus ek doosare se pyaar karna. Hum sab saath saath hai :)"


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