Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kajol defies doctor's orders; watches 'We Are Family' in theatre

By now it is an established fact that Kajol goes out of her way for friends. To no one's surprise, she defied doctor's orders on Friday and braved it to a suburban theatre to watch We Are Family because she had promised her friends producer Karan Johar and director Siddharth that she would.

Says the emotional director, "That's Kajol for you. A true friend. She's going to be a mother and she's a month away from delivery. She wouldn't have done this under normal circumstances."

Doctors have advised Kajol to avoid all strenuous activity. And apparently, husband Ajay Devgn has been going out of his way to ensure Kajol moves out of the home as little possible.

But Kajol being Kajol, she went where her heart took her.

Says Siddharth, "I was on tenterhooks until Kajol saw the film. I knew she would be brutally honest in her opinion. When she said she loved the film and that we had got on screen what we had set out to make I was relieved."


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