Saturday, September 18, 2010

John Abraham's a liar!

We're not saying that. Machines being used to promote his upcoming film Jhootha Hi Sahi have arrived at that conclusion

Around a hundred lie detectors have certified John Abraham as a liar!

The marketing team of Abbas Tyrewala's Jhootha Hi Sahi has come up with a promotional activity that involves a lie detection machine. A person has to put his finger on the machine and answer questions. The machine will indicate if the user is lying or telling the truth.

Says a source from the team, "These brand-new lie detectors will be attached to the film's standees in cinema halls. Anyone can get a lie detection test done. To show how the machines work, we asked John to get used to it, since he would be encouraging others to use it."

Says producer Madhu Manthena, "John kept trying out the lie detector and it kept branding him a liar. He tried another, thinking something was wrong with the machine. But a few other folks tried them out and received an opposite result (that they were telling the 'truth').

Hundred-odd standees later, we've decided that he's a confirmed liar. He wanted us to change and tweak the standee but I don't think that's going to happen."

Our source adds, "John was quite irritated. He couldn't believe that every machine was producing the same result."


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