Friday, September 24, 2010

Is it Kareena?

Who has been cast opposite Salman Khan in Atul Agnihotri's remake of the South flick Bodyguard? A source close to Kareena Kapoor insists that it is the actress!

There was buzz that Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone too had been approached for the project being directed by Siddique, who called the shots in the original flick.

But the casting depended on the availability of Sallu's dates. So whichever actress could give the dates to match Khan could be part of the film.

Titled My Love Story, it is slated to release during Eid next year. It will be Sallu's third Eid release after Wanted in 2009 and Dabangg this year.

Pssst ¦ After Dabangg, Salman Khan is hot property and even those who had issues with him now want to star with him. Kareena had problems with the star during Main Aurr Mrs Khanna.

Saif's girl has let bygones be bygones to work again with the much-in-demand Sallu. Wonder what her RA.One co-star Shah Rukh Khan has to say to this?


Anonymous 2:24 PM  

Well i love what no 4 said.....(wooden) Katrina pays alot to get rubbish written about her rivals and nothing negative about her....she has mastered her PR skills.....left Salman for Ranbir nobody crucifies her though....
Priyanka goes from Akshay to Hrithik to Shahid to Gerard to Shahid again nobody calls her a slut....but Deepika is...this is bacause they are SOUTH INDIAN women...

one must remember south indians are also indians....if you can accept muslims...christians...and white actresses then why this prejudice against south indian girls...

its because the industry is full of punjabis and muslims thats why...if your punjabi or muslim you will have support if not they will crucify you for eveything

Hema..rekha...Sridevi only made it because of their fans, they wanted to see them more and the industry had to hire them....

Kareena, priyanka, sonam, katrina, can do no wrong because they are punjabi and white (they love white people as well) bot if any southie comes they will hurt them constantly...

thats why ash is so defensive because the industry does hurt her alot its only the few people who dont care about north and south that hire her i.e. directors (Ashutosh, Sanjay leela etc) the rest hire her because they have no choice she has alot of fans....

thats why most of the industry is trying to replace her by saying Sonam (old hag face) is the most beautiful , or katrina, or priyanka or kareena, they dont want to hire a southie (ask karan johar)

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