Thursday, September 16, 2010

Imran Khan wants you... to adopt!

Does a PETA ad urging people to give stray dogs a home, instead of buying pedigree pets

Imran Khan recently shot for an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) urging people to adopt stray dogs in stead of buying pedigree pets.

The actor, who owns two pooches Kajri and Tony, was approached by PETA to do the ad. He readily agreed and even shot with his adopted dog, Tony.

A source close to Imran reveals how Tony became a part of his family, "During the release of Jaane Tu... Yaa Jaane Na, Imran's dog Kajri had gone for a walk and came back with another dog who followed her home. The Khans soon discovered that it was actually abandoned by the owners. So Imran decided to adopt him."

Friends of the actor add that he actually tries and urges them to adopt a pet rather than buying a pedigree.
Khan misses his pets the most when he's shooting abroad. About doing the ad, Imran says, "It's what I believe and have been actually practising. Tony walked into our home just after the release of Jaane Tu and has been with us since."


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