Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arjun is a ladies’ man

When Arjun Rampal isn't shooting, he is very happy to spend time with wife Mehr and his two daughters Mahika and Myra.

It's another thing that he gets bullied all the time — naturally he has three girls — a wife and two daughters at home. But Arjun's not complaining — the actor's confessed to being a complete ladies' man. So this Eid-Ganpati weekend, his female gang hijacked him and took him to Deolali to spend time with his mother. One hears that through the weekend, one could hardly hear Arjun's voice, his women had completely taken over and he was left with little talking to do.


Shiela 10:38 PM  

Didn't like Arjun in We are family.. he needs to gain weight..

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