Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Akshay can pull off any outfit"

Be it golden hair and a hippie look in 'Tashan', a turban in 'Singh Is Kinng' or now the retro look in 'Action Replayy', Akshay Kumar can pull off every look with ease and perfection and never go wrong with his appearance, designer Sabina Khan says.

"It's really not difficult to dress Akshay. He has a great physique, looks great and can look good in anything - be it Indian or western," Sabina said.

"I personally feel that he can never be dressed down or go overboard. He pulls off everything nicely," she added.

Sabina has been designing for Akshay, 43, for the past four years and is also behind his look in the upcoming 'Action Replayy'.

Akshay's definitely confident about his 70s look too. And to promote 'Action Replayy', he has decided to make all public appearances wearing retro clothes. He has asked Sabina to design a full-fledged wardrobe which he can wear over the next few weeks.

"Till this Diwali, I will be out only in a retro look. I don't think any look has been as good as of the 70s. My favourite hero from the 70s is my father-in-law Rajesh Khanna. He was the superstar then," said Akshay.

"The character of Akshay goes back and forth in the movie. So from the 1970s, 80s and the 90s you will see him in today's look as well, which is very contemporary," Sabina explained.

"So, in the movie we have tried three different looks for him, but mostly it is very retro, very classic."

In the movie, Akshay wears colourful clothes starting from red bell-bottoms to a yellow polka-dot shirt, with long hair and long sidelocks as well. Akshay had recently said his long locks in the movie are inspired by Sunil Dutt's in 'Zakhmee'.

While Sabina has taken care of Akshay's wardrobe for the movie, Manish Malhotra has desgined co-star Aishwarya's outfits.

Sabina says there was a lot of brainstorming before coming out with the final look.

"Once we decided how the look of the movie will be, we sat with our respective clients and discussed the ideas and how they will be looking in the movie," said Sabina.

"In our case, Akshay would get some references and we would discuss his looks; it's basically a normal practice. We do it always as it helps," added Sabina, who is also designing Akshay's costumes for 'Thank You'.

Directed by Vipul Shah, 'Action Replayy' is based on a 1994 Gujarati play of the same name. It is a time-travel comedy capturing Mumbai in the 1970s. The film releases this Diwali.


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