Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shahrukh's father-in-law in hospital (srkthedon.blogspot.com)

Shah Rukh Khan's father-in-law R P Chhiba has been admitted to a hospital in Delhi after a possible heart attack. SRK and Gauri flew to Delhi on hearing the news, and are with him now.

It seems Gauri's dad was in a very serious condition when he was taken to the hospital but is thought to be doing better now.

SRK confirmed this by posting on his Twitter page, "Father in law better. He is a tough army man. Matters of the heart complicated but not unsurmountable for him. inshaallah will be fit soon."

He added, "Mind and heart a bit heavy...will be back later. thanx for ur wishes...love to all."

SRK and Gauri are both originally from Delhi, and Gauri's family is still settled there. On his trips to the city, SRK often talks about his close bond with the place. Gauri's family being there surely adds to his connection, and we hope all is perfectly well with them soon.


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