Monday, August 30, 2010

Salman backtracks on Katrina split?

Salman Khan is mad at the media again. After he reportedly said in a TV interview that he had split with Katrina Kaif, and Katrina also confirmed that she was single, there's a new twist in the tale. It seems Salman is now saying that only portions of the original interview where he spoke about Kat were aired, and that he never said that he and Katrina had split up.

He's made it clear that the relationship he shares with Kat is nobody's business. The star even got angry when asked to clarify their current relationship status. But he also said that he wasn't bothered by the media frenzy following his and Kat's comments.

So does Sallu want to make amends with Katrina? We'll be on the lookout for answers! Watch this space for updates.


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