Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kangna in the Khan clan?

B-Town is abuzz about the growing dosti between Salman and the Ranaut girl. Is she simply yet another actress Sallu has taken under his wing?

Salman Khan and Kangna Ranaut are slowly but surely becoming close. Everyone is talking about these new
B-Town dosts. This bonding is being discussed at dinner parties in star homes. There are various versions about where this unlikely pair met and became friends. It is a mystery because they haven't worked together.

Even Sallu's closest friends and family members aren't sure about exactly what is going on. Everyone is playing the wait and watch game because in the past too, Khan has adopted many actresses (Sneha Ullal, Zarine Khan, Sonakshi Sinha), supported them emotionally, guided them and even promoted them. Will this be any different or progress further? Read on to decide.

1.The actress has been signed for the next untitled Being Human production opposite the Dabangg actor. The film is a Hindi remake of Manjrekar's Marathi film Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy. Everyone thought he might cast his all-time favourite Katrina Kaif, or recent favourite Sonakshi Sinha, but he wanted his current favourite Kangna Ranaut, to work with him in his home production.

2. It was her big night -- the success party of Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai on August 4 but Kangna left the party early and was later seen at Galaxy Apartments where the Super-Brat lives. She was seen leaving his apartment building in the wee hours of the morning.

3 Khan doesn't make new friends. When it comes to partying, he sticks to a small group of friends. He doesn't allow for new members, yet at his younger sister Arpita Khan's birthday party on August 5, Kangna Ranaut mingled with his family. Although Kangs and Salman kept a safe distance from each other, by the end of the evening, quite a few people were talking about this new entrant in the Khan clan.

4 On Sunday (August 15) Kangna was one of the few actresses who was seen at a Blood Donation Drive organised by the actor. She turned up looking pale perhaps because she has been under the weather. But she made the trip to show support for Khan.

Kangna remained unavailable for comment. However an industry insider clarifies:
"Kangna was approached for the Being Human production a few days ago and asked to allot her dates in August. Salman has known her for the last two years. They first met on the sets of Dus Ka Dum, where he promised to do a film with her. Ever since, they kept in touch. He often gives her advice on career and life. After the success party of OUATIM, she went to Salman's house to discuss the film. She thinks he is a nice guy and enjoys his company. Sallu's younger sister is friends with the actress and it was Arpita who invited Kangs to her birthday party at a Juhu nightclub. As for the blood donation camp, she got a call from Salman's people asking her to come and donate blood. So, she went."


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