Monday, August 23, 2010

“I wouldn’t be a strict mom”

Kareena Kapoor plays the ‘stepmom’ character in ‘We Are Family’. And it’s a role she’s unofficially playing in real-life too. Kareena’s man Saif has two kids, Sara and Ibrahim, with ex-wife Amrita Singh. And we guess the actress speaks from experience when she gets talking about ‘the need to understand, love and respect’ for both stepmums and stepkids.

Her answer is cautious when we ask her what kind of mom she’d make in real life but her striking confidence gives us a feeling she’ll be fine when the time comes. No false modesty for Bebo, who proudly says she’s the only who could have played Julia Roberts’ part in the B’wood version of ‘Stepmom’. And we love the tossed-off way in which Kareena says she doesn't really see any competition for herself in the ad world. Here’s more with the very candid hottie.

What kind of mom do you think you’d be in real life?
It’s difficult to say. I don’t think one can say without being a mom in real life. And I haven’t thought about this much. But I don’t think I’d be a strict mom, more the pampering kind. That’s how I am with my niece and nephew (Karisma Kapoor’s kids Samaira and Kiaan). I get to spend such little time with them because of work, so I just can’t be strict.

What advice would you give to someone who’s going to be a stepmom?
I think there’s nothing wrong with the term. You need to understand, love and respect the children. There’s adjustment involved of course. A lot of perceptions of a stepmom have changed now, and with ‘We Are Family’, we’re going to change them a lot more.

What’s Kajol like as a co-star? Was it any different working with her all these years after ‘Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham’?
Kajol is absolutely amazing. She’s the most exceptional person I know. We got along, we gave each other space, and when we were not together we ended up really missing one another. You know when Karan (Johar) started this movie, he told us that Kajol and I were the only actresses he could imagine in the roles played by Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts in the original ‘Stepmom’. That was such a compliment to both of us.

Your other co-star from ‘We Are Family’ Arjun Rampal has called you the Tendulkar of Bollywood. What do you have to say about that?
Arjun just likes me and cricket too. So he put us together! (Laughs). It’s a wonderful compliment. And I’m lucky to work with him. It’s great to see that he has come into his own as an actor, his metamorphosis. He’s a true star now.

You’re the most in-demand actress in the ad world for this year. Do you see any other actresses as competition there?
Not really. I think everyone’s doing an equal amount of work. If there are three shampoos out there, they’ll have three different actresses in the ads. The brands I am endorsing, Vaio among them, are international brands with international teams and concepts.

You’ll be working with Imran Khan soon. Any other actors from the newer lot you want to act with?
Well, there’s Ranbir but we’re brother and sister so we can’t be cast together as hero and heroine.

What if you and Ranbir were cast as brother and sister?
Someone has to write such a script!

Have you seen Imran and Ranbir’s recent movies?
No, but I’ve heard good things about ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ and ‘Raajneeti’. Actually, I don’t watch too many movies. The last one I saw was ‘3 Idiots’. I’ve got very little free time, so when I do I’d rather spend it with family and friends, instead of watching a movie. I’ve shot five films in the last one year, so that hasn’t left me free for much else. But I do take time out to travel, which is my passion.

Where did you last travel to?
Switzerland (Saif and Kareena spent his 40th birthday there). I just got back this morning. We make it a point to visit Switzerland at least three times a year. Basically, we love Europe, we’re big fans! It’s so hot in our country most of the time. So Paris and London are always great.


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