Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Akshay's fave scripts have been his biggest flops

Akshay Kumar says that even though he chooses his scripts carefully, sometimes they turn out to be major flops at the box office.

"I do read my scripts. In fact, I always have several script-reading sessions before I fully take on a movie. But remember, I cannot predict the future. Some of my favourite scripts have been my biggest flops, but they have sometimes been my greatest successes also," Akshay posted on his Facebook page in response to a fan's query.

The fan also asked the actor why he doesn't get best actor awards even after featuring in so many films.

"I do so many, many more movies than any other actor in Bollywood. Therefore my gamble is much higher. I would rather entertain my audience than ever win an award. It's the people I want to please, not those attending award ceremonies," Akki wrote.


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