Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saif Ali Khan brings in Cedric Proust for 'Agent Vinod'

Saif Ali Khan has appointed Cedric Proust to direct his action scenes for his new movie Agent Vinod.

Khan brought in the Prince of Persia action director to film his stunts in Africa and the Middle East but will be working with another filmmaker on his action sequences in England to save money.

"Yes, Cedric Proust who has done many big Hollywood action films did Saif's action scenes in Morocco and Afghanistan," director Sriram Raghavan told Real Bollywood. "We plan to hire another leading action director for Saif's action scenes in England and an Indian one for the stunts in Delhi. In this way we hope to economise on the budget for action scenes without compromising on the quality of the action.

"Let's face it. We don’t have the budgets afforded to action scenes in the James Bond and Bourne films. But we can economise on the budget and still give the same calibre of stunts. For instance, instead of a nine-minute car chase we can shoot for the chase for just four minutes with the same impact.

"We [in Bollywood] often splurge unnecessarily on action scenes. For example, why do we need to go abroad to shoot action scenes when we have the location and infrastructure right here? In my Johnny Gaddar, we needed to shoot an action sequence in a train. We thought of going abroad. Then we settled for India."


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