Monday, July 26, 2010

Imran’s got Kat and Priyanka panting

In the flaky world of films everyone is as good as his last Friday. And the light-eyed Imran Khan, who had a hit in I Hate Luv Storys, is suddenly the object of Bollywood’s desire.

Super-hotties Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra, who were chasing Ranbir Kapoor fast and furiously, completely over-looked Imran who was standing in the bylanes post those disasters Kidnap and Luck. In fact, when Sanjay Gadhvi’s 7 Days in Paris with Imran and Kat fell by the wayside after these two actors reportedly had “issues”, Kat didn’t even blink her mascaraed lashes. And PC, too, seemed in no hurry to come to the rescue of the pariah called Imran.

But all that stands changed post IHLS. And, why aren’t we surprised that the hoity-toity actresses now have a different stance on Aamir Khan’s light-eyed nephew. Reliable sources say that after Karan Johar announced his Short Term Shaadi (working title) with Kareena Kapoor and Imran, he reportedly got a message from Kat asking him why she was not selected for the Imran film. It is said that Karan assured her that his banner would be making many more films with Imran and, of course, Kat would be definitely considered for a role with the boy.

Sources close to Priyanka say that she has to choose between two films currently. One is said to be with Imran and the second could be Kunal Kohli’s film with Saif Ali Khan. PC is now in a dilemma on which of the two she should green-light. Her feelings for Imran are ditto that of Kat’s. Post IHLS the boy has the halo.

So, the clever PC is expected to do a photo-session with Imran to check out how good they look together. It clearly means that without saying anything, PC is making her preference evident. Or she may say yes to the Saif film, as well as the Imran one. Till yesterday, Kareena was envious of the fact that Kat and PC had a Ranbir in their kitty. Today the shoe is on the other foot. Both these girls want what Bebo has. Honestly, in this dog-eat-dog industry, the bone of contention is constantly changing. Now Imran has them all panting!


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