Thursday, July 22, 2010

Akshay, Twinkle to trek in Jammu

Akshay Kumar has great plans as to what he can do after his latest film Khatta Meetha releases. And no, it's not signing on another film. Akshay has decided that he and wife Twinkle will go trekking and biking in the remote areas of Jammu. Akshay got the idea when he recently visited the place to shoot a song for Action Replayy. He was impressed with the unspoilt beauty of the place and the soothing effect it had on him. He realised that many places in Jammu were accessible only by two wheelers or on foot, so he has decided to go on this trip with his wife. The two will be pitching their tents wherever they are for the night during their adventure.

Akshay has no worries about crowds mobbing him on the way, especially as he will be without his security cordon. He feels that after dealing with crowds of more than 15,000 people during the promotion of Khatta Meetha, he will be able to prevent being accosted during his travels.

So will Akshay write his motorcycle diaries? That is yet to be seen.


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