Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aamir, SRK and the mystery star

Who met up with them to have the 'funniest superstar experience'?

It was quite a starry coincidence when Akshay Kumar’s recent travel plans had him bumping into both Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. And Akki thought it was quite an amusing coincidence too.

He posted on his Twitter account earlier today, “I just had the funniest superstar experience. I flew back to Bombay and Aamir Khan was on my flight :) So we enjoyed a bit of the football World Cup before we flew back to our homeland together.”

Akki continued, “And the next day I flew back to London to join my wife and son for our summer holiday and i met Shah Rukh Khan on my flight to London :)”

Stranger things have happened! But then Akki got into ‘industry bonding’ mode. He wrote, “It was nice to know he (SRK) feels as grateful as I am for being a part of our industry and how lucky we are.”

And then Akshay revealed what he found really surprising about what happened, “It is amazing I managed to chat more with my work mates on a flight than I do in the entire year :)” Right, but we’ll also say that when you’re on a flight, there’s no option but to chat! It’s not like anyone could’ve got off whenever they wanted!


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